Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coal-fired plant fires up people statewide

The 600 MG coal fired power plant in Hempstead County near Texarkana that Arkansas' Public Service Commission has approved, but which has not passed into total approved status by the state's Dept of Environmental Quality (DEQ) yet, must be stopped from being constructed or we will see this state sink deeper into air pollution degradation, and therefore, health degradation. Below are some links where there is both info and a video trailer, some attached flyers, etc. The video was shown here a few weeks ago at the Fayetteville Public Library and is excellent. We hope to get some additional copies available for more showings here and in other towns.
A small group of activists have met a couple of times since the video showing in order to organize efforts to both alert and educate people of the consequences of burning yet more coal for power. The Hempstead plant and another already approved near Oceola, AR will produce enough carbon dioxide pollution to raise Arkansas' CO2 levels by 16% according to calculations done by organizers in this grassroot effort. CO2 is not classified as an air contaminant in Arkansas so DEQ is acting like its hands are tied,
BUT has still not given final approval. Gov. Beebe is really holding the big ace in stopping this plant and he's saying he's waiting on his Global Warming Commission's report (as if they will say, " Geezz, no CO2 really isn't causing global warming!").
To make matters worse for us in our corner of the state (we already have a plant at Gentry just up the road), there's a plant planned near Poteau, OK and it's smoke will reach us according to folks checking wind patterns. This means sounding alarm of disapproval in OK as well.

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